Flatbox Digital Comic Book Reader

NEW VERSION 3.0! Apple TV support COMING SOON! Flatbox is specifically designed to be a no-frills, simple to use, comic book reader for those that want to have money left over to buy comics and not have to wade through bizarre interfaces or rely on the major publishers for content.

For the cost of a single issue of you favorite monthly comic, you can now get Flatbox; a simple to use, fast comic book reader that supports all the popular formats: cbr, cbz, zip, rar & pdf.

Using a simple ‘stacks’ visual metaphor, you can touch through your collection like photos and instantly open any issue without any onscreen clutter. Each page animates with a touch or flick, or you can bring up the conveniently located navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to inspect each page closer, delete finished issues, or jump to a certain page.

Flatbox optimizes each page upon import for optimum full screen viewing, both in horizontal and vertical mode. Simply drag your comics into the File Sharing portion of the Apps tab in iTunes and launch Flatbox to begin the process. Or, add your OneDrive or Dropbox account to retrieve your comics from the cloud. It’s that simple!